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Surf Sports - Surf Boats


There’s something uniquely Australian in the image of a boat crew, the sweep in control at the stern, batting their way though huge breakers to rescue a hapless swimmer fighting the rip.

Surfboat competition is known to have begun in NSW in the early 1900’s. Initially, the surf boat craft was developed as a rescue vehicle, however today, Surfboats are more commonly associated with inter-club competitions and the most spectacular footage of all Surf Life Saving competition, particularly when the swells are large. South Maroubra SLSC has a very strong club tradition when it comes to surf boat competition.

Crew members must be a proficient bronze medallion. The rowing discipline commands a high level of fitness, commitment and skill. Competitions typically commence during November and run through until March. During this period, competitions take place at a local, state and national level, culminating at the National Titles in late March.

The domain of Surfboats, like Surf Life Saving was one initially dominated by males, however, growth in recent years can be attributed to the influx of female competitors, who row the same size and weight craft as male competitors.

For more information on how to become part of the Surf Boat competition team, please contact Phil Stivano on Mobile: 0407072584 or email: