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Sunday Nippers


The South Maroubra Nipper program has been running for over 40 years, it is a dynamic part of the South Maroubra community.  We offer a fun and active lifestyle choice for children between the ages of 5 and 13, as well as a solid base for learning and competition in beach activities. Our junior lifesvares at training are taught everything from sun and surf safety, beach sprints and board paddling, all the way to life saving skills like CPR and water rescues.  We aim to provide our nippers with the confidence, skills and understanding of the beach and surf environment.  We are highly focused on providing an environment that is fun, inclusive, family-friendly and focussed on developing each of our nippers throughout the season. 

Whilst our weekly activities are based around the nippers – it’s not just about the children, it also encompasses parents who choose to get involved with either teaching beach activities to the kids or who want to achieve their own milestones like completing their Bronze Certificate and becoming a valued volunteer lifesaver. 

Nippers can start once they turn 5 years old. The first two years of Nippers are spent in the Under U6’s and 7's, where the focus is on fun and games on the beach which teach children basic skills and awareness of where to swim and what help is available from lifesavers, shallow water activities for these groups are carried out at the extreme South End of Maroubra Beach

The Under 8's to Under 14's participate in a structured program that includes skill development activities in both the beach and water environment and an integrated education program that develops basic resuscitation, first aid, rescue skills and understanding of the beach and surf.

Nippers runs each Sunday for about 2 hours depending on weather, conditions, program, helpers etc. Nipper events include a wade, board paddling (U9’s to U14’s), swimming, beach sprinting and beach flags as well as lots of fun activities and games designed to teach and improve all surf skills. Our Nippers participate in a progressive SLSA Surf Education program (Surf Ed) providing them with the skills and knowledge of beach safety rules and basic first aid.

Nippers in the U8 to U14 age groups can compete in local carnivals several times during the season and we encourage children to do so (to test their skills in a new beach environment and enjoy representing their team) but it is not compulsory.

South Maroubra Nippers also prides itself on our extensive club coaching program, with board, surf and beach training available on weekday afternoons.  Our qualified and experienced coaches will develop your child's skills in these areas.


U/8 to U/14 Membership 

The age group for the season is determined as at midnight on the 30th  September at the commencement of that season (34th  Edition, Surf Sports Manual). 

Please note: Proof of age/birth certificate must be shown for all new children joining a Surf Club or for any child that has not produced a birth certificate. 

U/6 and U/7 Membership 

Children in these age groups may not compete in any point score/ championship events. 

A child may join a Club as soon as he/she turns 5 years of age.  No Club is to accept membership of a child until they have reached the age of five years to comply with insurance requirements. A child who reaches five years of age after 30th September 2017 may join Nippers at that time; however, this child will be required to stay in the U/6 Nippers age group the following season. It is the clubs responsibility to explain to the parents of each child that if a child reaches the age of five years after 30th September 2017, they may join Nippers for the remainder of the 2017/18 season, however will remain in the U/6 Nipper group in the following season. 


The calendar has been set by the Nipper Executive Committee and provides a guide to all events to be held during season. All events are, of course, subject to change without notice according to conditions on the day, although every effort will be made to carry cancelled events forward to the next available date.  Registered nippers will be contacted via SMS if any major calendar changes occur.  All normal Sunday activities will include a variety of surf & sand skills with Sunday Nipper report time being 9:00 am with activities commencing soon after.  Also keep your eye out for our fortnightly nipper newsletters which provide updates on our nipper program.

Wet Weather Policy

Nippers will be run in wet weather.
However it will only be cancelled in the event of thunder and lightning storms.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please email us on: 

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