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Patrol Teams

Patrol Teams

Attached below is version 1 of the 2017-18 patrol teams and roster.

SLS Patrol Uniform  

Patrolling lifesavers should be professional and neat in appearance, as to present the best possible image to the community and be easily be identifiable as an on-duty lifesaver. 

It is the responsibility of the Club Captain and Patrol Captains to ensure that their patrol members are in correct uniform at all times whilst on patrol. The mandatory SLSA patrol uniform comprises of a: 

 red and yellow quartered patrol cap  

 Peaked cap or wide brim hat  

 Yellow long sleeved shirt  

 Red shorts  

Note: Rash-shirts. It is highly encouraged that lifesavers wear a SLSA Red/Yellow Rashshirt when driving/crewing the IRB and/or when wearing a wetsuit (over the top of the wetsuit). When in the IRB, patrol shirts or jackets are not to be worn under any circumstances, unless wearing a lifejacket. 

Note: Patrol Jackets: If wearing a jacket on patrol, a red/yellow jacket which meets SLSA brand guidelines can be worn.