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Major club awards

Clubs Major Awards


At the Clubs committee meetings to be held May 2017, a number of club awards are determined. To assist the committees with their determinations, nominations from members are called for the following Club Major Awards. All financial club members are eligible to nominate. Nominations will close with the Club Secretary Monday 1 st May 2017.


All nominations are to be submitted in writing and emailed to Nicole Cooney, Club Secretary by this date. E:


There is no specific form however nominations must include the following information :


 Name and contact details of nominator

 Name of member being nomination

 Award they are nominated for

 Why you are nominating them for the award


Awards determined by Board of Management Committee at their May 2017 meeting.

For outstanding achievement and contribution in all areas of the Club :


 Clubman of the Year

 Associate of the Year

 Most Outstanding Cadet (13-15 yrs)

 Most Outstanding Junior (active15-18 yrs)

 Most Outstanding Senior (active 18 yrs and over)


Awards determined by the Lifesaving Committee at their May 2017 meeting.

For outstanding achievement in the areas of lifesaving


 Junior Lifesaver of the Year (13 – 17 yr old)

 Senior Lifesaver of the Year (18 yrs and over)

 IRB Person of the Year

 Rookie Training Officer of the Year (held Training Officer award for less than 2 years)

 Training Officer of the Year

 Patrol Captain of the Year


Awards determined by the Competition Committee at their May 2017 meeting.

For outstanding achievement in the area of competition


 Swim Competitor of the Year

 Board Competitor of the Year

 Beach Competitor of the Year

 Masters Competitor of the Year

 Surf Boat Person of the Year

 Coach of the Year

 IRB Competitor of the Year


We look forward to receiving many nominations for consideration. These awards are prestigious awards and winners will be announced and presented at the annual Club Presentation Night which is scheduled to be held at the Club on Saturday 29 th July 2017.


SLSA Service Awards – Member Recognition

Any member who feels they are eligible for a SLSA Long Service Award or National Patrol Service award are asked to kindly contact the Club in writing with information of your request (for which award). The Club will then check your eligibility and make application on behalf of the member if eligibility is confirmed by Club records.


Types of SLSA recognition awards available are:


SLSA Long Service – 25 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 75 years, 80 years


Pre requisites for Long Service Awards :


Applicant must be a member of a SLSA Club. Applicant cannot already hold the award for the same period. Minimum age for 25 years service is 38. Minimum Age for subsequent awards is calculated on 13 plus the period of the award (eg. 40 years service – minimum age is 13 + 40 = 53 years)


SLSA National Patrol Service Awards – 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year, 30 year, 35 year, 40 year, 45 year, 50 year


Applicants must have completed all patrol service requirements relevant to the membership category with a minimum of 16 hours being completed per season.


Eilgibility :


a) Bronze Medallion holders who period of service eligibility begins from their initial patrol duties as the holder of this qualification.


b) Memebrs who hold one or more qualifications in the following award streams – patrolling lifesaver, emergency care or radio. In the case of Award members, eligibility for the patrol service shall commence from the date of obtaining the relevant award.